Only 7 months after their return to their lands under the supervision of the defense and security forces and the guarantees of the president of the republic Bazoum Mohamed, the people of Anzourou are again leaving their villages.

They are victims of atrocities and theft of livestock by jihadist fighters along the Malian Niger Anzourou border where armed groups are still active.

In August 2020, 19 civilians and soldiers were killed in a mosque. Today, terror threats are still under existence and the locals have been told to quit the area.

Over 4,000 people including women and children have now fled the area citing security threats from the Jihadists. Most of the fleeing communities have now taken refuge in a nearby region known as Sarakoira.

“Today, we are hungry and thirsty. We are living in a lot of difficulties in this camp. When the terrorists attacked the mosque in my village, they killed seven members of my family, my brothers, father and uncle,” said one of the displaced people.

“They came on motorbikes, killed our families and stole our cattle. We issued an alert, but we have not had any assistance. The state has abandoned us, which is why we have once again left our village,”

These atrocities have led to a worrying social impact on these locals. In the past three years, schools and health facilities have been shut down from the frequent jihadists attacks.

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