Education & Awareness Campaign


“Our mission here is to wake the world up to the tragedy of Aids in Uganda”

A fundamental part of Africa Foundation’s work is raising of awareness of the AIDS/HIV epidemic and its subsequent consequences. With the passing of time it is becoming increasingly challenging to keep the AIDS/HIV in the forefront of the public mindset. To this end, Africa Foundation team continues to undertake an education and awareness campaign to ensure that our AIDS/HIV victims are not forgotten. Part of our campaign aim is to inform the public on the devastating consequences of AIDS/HIV epidemic on people’s health and on the population as whole.

Education & Awareness Campaign Components:

Schools Awareness

Since the establishment of Africa Foundation in 1971, we have placed emphasis on heightening awareness of the problems children face in Uganda among school students firstly at our own Rookmaaker School, and we also make educational visits to schools throughout Uganda and indeed abroad, if you would like us to make presentations in your school please do contact us, the aim of such presentations is to create an integral part of our programme. Following on from such school visits its our hope that these schools will eventually become Africa Foundation’s ambassadors in advancing our programmes to this end Africa Foundation will remain in close contact with all involved schools throughout the world, providing teachers and students with information packs and other educational resources on Africa Foundation’s Children work.

If you are part of a school system, or any interest group and you would like to help set up a working group please contact us.

Africa Foundation Ambassadorship programme

This programme introduces the topic to our audience in a lively and entertaining way. As well as Africa Foundation outreach team interns going into the schools there is an Ambassadorship programme where school volunteers learn about our work and how to deliver presentations on our behalf. They then go into local schools and deliver assembly presentations and classroom workshops. This has been a landmark innovative educational programme for Africa Foundation’s work. Our ambassadorship programme is not only limited to schools, we also partner with faith groups, community groups, businesses, sports groups, interest groups etc.

If you want to become one of our ambassadors please contact us.

School trip exchange programme

Africa Foundation offers various, individually crafted school trips to Uganda that include hands-on experience working on our development projects, sight-seeing and an in-depth introduction to Ugandan culture and history. These trips are organised through our satellite offices and our office in Uganda.

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