Our Projects

Africa Foundation has a school with 476 primary school pupils of whom 384 are borders. As funding is currently very low for the school the teachers are unpaid. Many of the teachers and support workers are former beneficiaries of Africa Foundation.

Rookmaaker School has land measuring up to 90 acres. Due to the low funds the teachers and the children agreed to grow food as a solution to the high cost of buying food for the growing number of pupils in the school. They have started to plant small amounts of crops.

The layout of the Land can support large-scale farming – of both upland and low land crop species and a visitor’s camp. Click here for more details on the school farm.

Crafts for Children Project
The sale of African Crafts in the UK will be a tool to raise awareness of African Culture and a means of communities in Africa raising the money they require to support the orphans in their community. It gives people the opportunity to make a difference in a sustainable manner. For full details please visit self-sustaining programmes