Our Vision

Africa Foundation is working towards all children in Uganda having access to their basic necessities.

Working with the youngest and most vulnerable, the children, Africa Foundation provides community-based development programs, humanitarian aid, health care, education, and resettlement programs in Uganda.

Our programs are designed to give hope to street children, orphans, and abandoned babies. We serve children without discrimination of race, religion, or sex.

We aim to create partnerships between communities, youth groups and schools across the World.

We aim to create an environment in Uganda, where all children are valued, respected, listened to and where opportunities are created for all our children.

Our goal is to work with the people of Uganda to help them overcome the scourge effect of poverty.

We promote the development of medical, community and humanitarian aid programs that continue to increase self-sufficiency and permanent change in Uganda. Africa Foundation is all about joint solutions and permanent solutions, working together with other children service providers and local communities.

Track Record
Africa Foundation has an excellent track record since 1971 of delivering and implementing aid, and providing food, education, medical care and eventual resettlement programs for over 50,000 street children, abandoned babies, orphaned children and vulnerable young people.

Values and principles

  • Openness
    Fostering an open and honest dialogue with children and audience.
  • Accountability
    Acting with integrity and proper responsibility towards the children we care for, and to all other parties we may be engaged or involved with.
  • Accessibility
    Providing sufficient and appropriate opportunities for all children.
  • Responsiveness
    Listening and learning from experiences.
  • Effectiveness
    Demonstrating that partnership with interested parties is effective in bringing about our core children service improvements