Our Work in UK

Africa Foundation’s UK Branch is registered with the Charity commission as Africa Foundation for Uganda. The UK Charity was conceived as a support group for the work being performed in Uganda by Africa Foundation. However, one of our operational areas is GREATER LONDON-HACKNEY.

Realising that there is much to be done in the UK with disadvantaged children, Charles K. Kirigwajjo, a product of Africa Foundation, helped to set up an independent London based youth project called “YOUTH FOR HACKNEY (YFH)

Brief Summary:

Youth for Hackney (YFH) was founded in 2003 as an initiative to fight and reduce youth crime in Hackney by offering advice and support to young people aged 8 – 25 years, through working in partnership with Hackney Regeneration and Social Inclusion Scrutiny Panel and Hackney Police Operation Trident. The organisation is a social enterprise with charitable purposes and one of its main aims is to apply the core principles and practices of Community Development, good Neighbourhood and Social Inclusion to their work. They will carry out their business in an effective, efficient, transparent and innovative way through the sharing of knowledge and best practice with a clear vision: “to provide a place where opportunities are created for all children and Young People, and to allow them to contribute their time and efforts to make a positive impact on local community and where YFH can celebrate with pride the improved quality of life.”

YFH also helps reduce youth related crime and proactively tackle and challenge the lure of knife/gun gang-culture through the introduction of sustained services that are vibrant and provide attractive alternatives. For YFH to achieve its aims and objectives is continually working with greater interaction between young and old to the importance of their contribution in the community and the encouragement of good citizenship in the society within which they live.

The organisation delivers its services through working in strategic partnerships with other agencies including local authority (ies), Metropolitan Police, and other intermediaries through identifying needs and to fill gaps that will help to develop the future for young people through various initiatives such as employment, training, crime prevention initiatives, career development and guidance. This includes sports and other outdoor pursuits that help towards personal development of young people resulting in bringing social and economic prosperity in the area and making the area in which YFH operate a better and safer place for people to live, work and visit.


  1. a) House of Commons/ Parliamentary Reception: Recently (November 2005) YFH were invited to the House of Commons at the “Make Space Parliamentary Reception”. Five young people represented YFH on this official visit.
  2. b) Kids Create (Dance Sessions for 5-25 year olds)Taking part in traditional dance classes, every Wednesdays (5-7pm) are just some of the recent activities of Kids Create! – The arts programme that helps young people explore their own creativity while developing skills that will help them as they grow.
  3. c) Basketball skills Training:Programme provides a safe and positive environment for children and young people at times when they may be vulnerable to anti-social behaviour and provide relevant health education input including drug and alcohol abuse education and positive role models for every participant. The training sessions take place in the evenings after school (5-7pm), offering youths, in the area an opportunity to be productive in their spare time.
  4. d) Football:YFH offer a comprehensive programme of four seasons of healthy, fun indoor and outdoor activities, including football league (this is in development in partnership with Hackney voluntary action (HVA) and Hackney Youth Services (PAYP) under YFH own host name of Hackney Youth Unity Cup and tournaments in such sports as badminton for boys and girls. One of YFH’s innovation approach to community cohesion initiative and young people’s social Skills provision led YFH to conduct a Wick Community children and young people’s consultation fun fair in October 2004. Given the opportunity, the consultation led to the creation of Wick United FC in November 2004. And below mentioned is the club’s potential for success and we hope to build on its success story when it will get coupled with our future planned Multi purpose social activities aimed at targeting more girls’ inclusion.

Football coaching – Wick United FC Progress Report

Established in November 4th 2004 Wick United FC has been coaching football for the young people of Hackney Wick and the surrounding area every Thursday 5-6.30pm [8-13yrs] and every Monday 5-7.00pm [14-18yrs since 17/01/05 giving rise to total of 102 participants.( Keir Apperley and Alton Bell are our project coordinators for both the Football and Bike project)

  1. e)Pilot Bike Maintenance & Cycling Project:25 Youth participated in our Pilot Cycling Project carried out at the end of Sept.2005, since then the Cycling Project as made formal links with Hackney Bike Project Group to promote cycling for young people’s health in the area. More partners are still required to implement the project – scheme to be up and running on a daily basis.
  2. f) SK8 – Skate Park Project:YFH in partnership with Hackney Youth Service initiated & supported the formation of a Mobile skate park project in September 2005, at the Mabley Green Ground as part of Summer Festival Activities in 2005. Over 20 kids used the park for three days. Meeting planned with Hackney Youth Service for 2006 to see how to developing the Skate Park further. In addition, the following organisational objectives have also been achieved:
  • YFH Membership increased by 32% to 104.
  • YFH User Group formed & 1000 leaflets distributed.
  • Production of a Year Working Business Plan, used to obtain further funding.


(YFH received official visits from the following public office bodies)

  1. Lynne Gillett – City Parochial Foundation (CPF)
  2. Sonia Cambell– (Hackney) Anti Social Behaviour Intervention and Support Team (ASB& IT)
  3. Mark Phil- Community Sports Relief Foundation.
  4. Wick Ward Councillors and Liz Fenton -Interim Director – Hackney Youth Service
  5. Mark Sheeren – Operations Manager –The Safer London Foundation
  6. Yejide lgwe – Programme Manager Youth Inclusion Panel (YIP) and YISP
  7. John William – Consultant The Foundation for Sports and the Arts.

NB: Youth For Hackney (YFH) wishes to extend our heart felt thanks to our network of supporters, funders and well-wishers whose help and assistance has over the past years enabled us to continue to provide a viable service to the children of London. We would like also like to thank in particular The entire board of Hackney wick Community Association (HWCA) at Wick Centre, who have continued to provide YFH with esteemed advice and support

For more information please contact:

Charles King Kirigwajjo
(Programme Coordinator)

Youth For Hackney (YFH)
The Old Baths,
Hackney Wick Community Centre
80 Eastway,
London E9 5JH
Tel: 0208 986 1999 Fax: 0208 86 1123