Success Stories


Key Achievements

Since Africa Foundation’s inception in 1971, over 50,600 children have been given access to education in Africa Foundation supported programmes. In all our area of operation there has been a 37.9% improvement in the age that children can get access to an education.

How we have done it…
Since its establishment in 1971, Africa foundation has delivered millions of dollars in direct and indirect humanitarian aid to Uganda’s needy and poor children.

Africa Foundation Children’s Centre aims to restore hope to the children of Uganda. Africa Foundation has placed a very great importance on listening to the children and rural communities in the most Aids and poverty stricken areas.

Africa Foundation can best identify the needs of these needy and poor children, and their families, as we are dealing with them on a daily basis. We respond to their needs by delivering aid programmes of direct relevance to these children.

We deliver relevant aid programmes by maintaining strong links with other local based organisations and this has helped us to adapt and change according to the ever-changing needs of the deprived, children. This process of ongoing communication allows us to closely monitor and, where necessary, modify our aid programmes so that we are always offering effective assistance to these vulnerable children.

Please see our programmes for further information on our work.

Africa Foundation has:

  1. Opened up a School support programme, which assists poor rural schools in constructing classrooms – enabling them to cater for 10,000 more children.
  2. Established 10 evening classes (Literacy Skills) for 8,210 children who have dropped out of school.
  3. In 1982, established its own Rookmaaker School which comprises of a pre-school, nursery, primary school and secondary school at our Africa Foundation Children Centre Mukono. All this is integrated with health and water/sanitation facilities for the children.
  4. Initiated over 400 children related training workshops and printed over 200,000 training modules.
  5. Developed a community based education programme and trained over 4,000 Community educators and teachers in child centred and participatory teaching methods.
  6. Developed and printed 3,000 copies of life skills, HIV/AIDS, health and sanitation modules and over 12,000 accompanying posters (trained over 300 community Aids counsellors).
  7. Assessed and offered counselling to over 50,400 traumatised children and designed, produced a menu of training modules on how to deal with street children.
  8. Between 1980-1986, Africa Foundation assisted over 3,000 displaced children from the War Zone Luwero Triangle (WZLT) despite our crucial intervention for the past 10 years there has been more than 50% increase of orphans and street across the country.


Please note this project is temporally on hold due to lack of funding

Africa Foundation organises and co-ordinates two convoys which travel from our headquarters at Mukono in Uganda to various local villages, delivering clothing, educational materials, medical supplies and other humanitarian aid. The aid is delivered to various, Africa Foundation run, Foster homes, and to our partner agencies in rural communities. These convoys have delivered a substantial amount of aid to date. The bi-annual convoy is named ‘Operation New Life’.

The convoy consists of a couple of trucks and lots of volunteers who travel up and down to deliver the aid directly into the hands of the children and families who need it most. We are looking for any interested parties who can donate vital aid such as farming, education, and medical equipment, clothing and trucks etc. This can be done through our network of outreach teams who fundraise for and collect vital aid. To this end Africa Foundation would like to call upon any one who is interested in fundraising for this specific programme. Please contact us.

To date over 50,000 children and families have benefited from this programme and our appreciation goes to you all. From all over the world, you have, for these past years, seen us through – please do accept ”our vote of thanks”. The Project’s

Humanitarian Aid workers are men and women with work and family commitments who spend months fundraising for Operation New Life. To accompany the convoy these hardworking people give up part of their precious and valuable time to bring life-saving aid that continues to reach out to the victims of Uganda’s HIV/AIDS pandemic and poverty. In so doing they are playing their part in bringing new life where there was previously only mockery, and hope where there once was only tears.

Please join us and make your donation.

Below are tables indicating the achievements of individuals supported and educated by Africa Foundation

Number Name Degree Obtained
1 Tenywa Gerald Zoology and Biology
2 Nalunga Eva Human Medicine
3 Mwebaza Edith Human Medicine
4 Ddungu Peter Social work & social Adm
5 Nakubulwa Sarah Human Medicine
6 Muganga Peter Human Medicine
7 Sanyu Namukasa BA Arts
8 Kaweke Vincent Social Science
9 Nabitoto Alice Nabitoto Alice Library Makerere
10 Kyolaba Bastora Kyolaba Bastora Education
11 Zalwango Grace Zalwango Grace Education
12 Mukisa Fatuma Education (Nakawa)
13 Namuka Sanyu Education
14 Katongole Christopher Civil Engineering


1 Kimuli James Accountant Namilyango
2 Lwere Henery Computer Programmer-World Vision
3 Kateera John Nkokonjeru Diploma in Accountancy
4 Namboozo Sanyu Secretary, Archbishop of Uganda’s
office (YWCA) Namirembe
5 Monday Sentongo New Jersey accountancy (USA)
6 Muwanga New Jersey Social Adm. (USA)
7 Rugumayo Stanley Virginia Internal Relations Washington
8 Kafero William Graduation in Medicine first-Bulgaria
and1994 Medicine works Exchange programme in Norway
9 Sserwanda N. Geoffrey BA (Educ) Makerere-head master
for Africa Foundation School Mukono, now Director
World Vision Rwanda
10 Sebugwawo BA (Educ) Makerere- head master
Rwanda S.S.S.


The following students are still at University and Colleges in USA:
1. Rugumayo Sternly
2. John Monday Sentongo
3. Solomon Nkugwa (graduated and returned to Uganda in 2005)
4. Byekwaso francis
5. Okello John
6. Suuta Jasper
7. David Oyala

There are a total of 57 children studying in USA, 3 in Austria, 2 in Germany and 10 in South Africa. Our children have not only been to universities but also in colleges and Institution of High learning; Out of the 50,600 children that have passed through our home. We can proudly say 30,200 are qualified as Accountants, Secretaries, Civil Engineers, Electricians, Nurses and Teachers from various institutions. 57.8% of children who have passed through our rehabilitation process hold Diplomas and Certificates.

Type of Vacation No. of Children Skills Acquired Possible Employment
Literacy Programme 8,210 Literacy Skills (reading
& writing)
To Continue in the
Process of Training
Carpentry & Joinery 500 Boys Carpentry Self employed or in a company as
a carpenter
Electricity & Electronics 55 Boys Electronic/Electrical Technicians Self employed or Employed in such
Agriculture and Food Science 75 Boys
25 Boys
1) Modern Farming
2) Crop and Animal husbandry
3) Poultry farming
4) Catering
1) Farm / Self employed
2) As Farm Managers
3) In Hotels and Restaurants
Textile & Clothing 80 Boys
40 Girls
1) Tailoring &
2) Knitting
3) Laundry &
4) Dry cleaning
4) Self and/or in Established
5) Laundry shops
Art and Crafts 1000 Painting & Interior decorations
1) -Ceramics and Pottery
2) -Curving and Sculpture
3) Mat and carpet weaving
1) Painters & Decorators in
private &
2) Government Departments
3) -Self-employed in Arts & Crafts industry
Total Number of Children from the Vocational