The Immediate Need


To address some of Uganda’s challenges, Africa Foundation is supporting street children, abandoned babies, orphaned children and vulnerable children through the following programmes.

Africa Foundation is in a grass root and community based organisation that has very limited and scarce resources. Without outside assistance, it is extremely hard, if not sometimes impossible, for Africa Foundation to afford the intensive and expensive children rehabilitation programmes, and the one-on-one staffing that the children with special needs must have in order to thrive and reach goals otherwise thought unattainable for them.
The most common unmet needs are education, food, medical care and clothes. Here at Africa Foundation we are working hard to meet these needs, but street children, orphans and other vulnerable children are difficult to reach. For a variety of reasons due to their circumstances, most of these children are unable to attend school and face a spectrum of vulnerabilities that create barriers to learning. Lack of education is almost certain to doom a child to a life of poverty and despair.

The challenge, then, is to find a way to reach the out-of-school children and offer them an opportunity to learn, to become literate, and to be integrated within civil society. Creating special projects specifically for them, to welcome them and provide for their special needs, is one way to reach the needy children that are outside of the institutional framework through which foreign aid agencies must work.

It is our hope that as we continue to make more partnerships, we with other organisations we will be able to provide our poorest children, their families and our local communities with unique, cutting-edge children rehabilitation programmes that are continually opening new doors and opportunities for children under our care.