What We do?

Africa Foundation provides food, clothing, and health care, as well as school fees, uniforms and other supplies to orphaned children, street children, abandoned babies and vulnerable children in both rural and urban communities. We do this through Our Programs.

Africa Foundation educates orphans to be self reliant through its farming and poultry projects at our Rookmaaker school. Africa Foundation creates relationships between orphaned children of Uganda and their sponsors Worldwide, providing the children with mentors throughout life and practice in their inter-social personal skills.

Africa Foundation provides a community of peers and elders for orphans in Uganda, through which they gain strength and companionship in the midst of growing poverty and the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Uganda.

Africa Foundation is the first ever indigenous, grassroots, community based project, initiated in 1971. The initial programme provided the orphaned children the opportunity to learn self-reliance through growing their own food; building of community by working together with their peers and elders; and a valued friendship with their foreign sponsors. By Funding Us, you will enable Africa Foundation to create a more sustainable Income generating programme to support the orphaned children in Uganda.

Our work builds bridges between children in the Third World and people of the Developed Countries; this is valuable because the more we learn to see through other people’s eyes the more we can promote a higher standard of living for all children on earth, regardless of where we live.

The more we learn that we have the ability to take responsibility for ourselves, families and communities in the midst of chaos, the more we maintain hope and appreciate the beauty of Life in every sunset on planet earth.